CWB Performance Testing – Mechanical Testing Pricing.

AXIS provides Mechanical Testing for all CWB Welder Qualification and Procedure Test.

AXIS offers a three day turn around of Mechanical Testing on Performance Testing. Rush Testing is also available (additional 50% fee applies).

Turn around time begins when correct labsheets and test assemblies arrive.


CWB Welder Qualification Test

Preparation, Bend & Evaluation of 3/8″ Test Assembly CWB Performance Test

CWB Procedure Testing

Macro Etch & Evaluation

AWS D1.3 Qualification Testing

Preparation, Bend & Evaluation of Aluminum     AWS D1.3 Qualification Testing


For Performance Qualification Testing ONLY

Test Code Test Cost Test Type Material Type
1 $40.00 Bend Tests (1 Face and 2Root) Carbon Steel
2 $40.00 Macro Etch Tests Carbon Steel
3 $55.00 Macro Etch & Fracture Test Carbon Steel
4 $20.00 Fracture/Nick Break Carbon Steel
5 $50.00 Bend Tests (1 Face and 2Root) Stainless Steel
6 $50.00 Macro Etch Tests Stainless Steel
7 $60.00 Macro Etch & Fracture Test Stainless Steel
8 $65.00 Fracture/Nick Break Stainless Steel
9 $250.00 Standard Test (bends, nick breaks, macros) Aluminum
10 $300.00 Test Assembly that requires machining Aluminum

REBAR Testing

11 $135.00 4 Macros of 10mm/4 macros of 25mm Carbon Steel
12 $65.00 Fillet Weld Test Assembly Carbon Steel

ASME Pressure Pipe Testing

13 $40.00 Plate test assembly (1 root/1 Face) Carbon Steel
14 $60.00 Pipe test assembly (2 Root/2Face) Carbon Steel
15 Extra Heavy Wall test assemblies (2R/2F) requires machining Carbon Steel

CSA Z662 testing

16 $1,500.00 Enbridge UF-49 and LB-32 test assemblies Carbon Steel
17 $1,700.00 Enbridge UF-49, LB-32 and UB-36 Test assemblies Carbon Steel
18 $150.00 Rush charge

Procedure testing

19 $65/hour Shop rate for cutting , machining, grinding and polishing All Materials
20  depending on requirements Tensile Testing, Hardness Testing, Charpy V-Notch All Materials