Non Destructive Testing (Examination).

Non Destructive Testing is a service offered by AXIS.

Non Destructive Testing, NDT (NDE)  including Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, X-Ray Fluorescence, Ferrite, NACE, Vacuum Box Testing and others are available by qualified and highly skilled inspectors.

Ultrasonic Testing (including phased array)

Phased Array

This NDT (NDE) method allows for subsurface evaluation of defects and discontinuities.  Ultrasonic testing can also be used to measure the thickness of material, which can be used to determine material loss.

 Magnetic Particle Testing


Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is used to test steel for surface defects and cracking. Magnetic Inspection can be done using a dry method, Black on White: wet method or Fluorescent method.

Liquid Penetrant Testing


Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) finds hair line cracks in non ferrous materials. Penetrant Testing can be done as a water washable method or solvent soluble.

Xray Florescence (PMI)


Xray Florescence (also refereed to as Positive Material Identification) analyses material composition by giving a percentage of the quantities of each element.  The portable analyzer determines the elemental composition of a variety of material.  The main limitation of this method is the inability to read carbon.  Our analyzer is able to read light elements including aluminium and Magnesium.

 Ferrite Testing

Ferrite Testing

Ferrite Testing provides the data for stainless steel to give a Ferrite percentage, or Ferrite number to assess the material.

NACE Coating Inspection

NACE Level 2

AXIS is now able to offer in house Level 2 NACE coating inspections.

Vacuum Box Testing
Vacuum Box Testing

Vacuum Box Testing is a method of NDT, which is used to detect weld seam leaks.


For more information or to schedule a Non Desctructive Inspection, Please contact our office @431-999-3679 or AXIS Inspection Group