Overhead Cranes.

Industrial Crane Safety Inspections – Overhead Cranes.

Safety Inspections for the structural steel components of an overhead crane are required to ensure that your facility is operating in a safe manner.  In addition to the mechanical inspection, Overhead cranes require a structural inspection to ensure the safety of the rails (Runway) the column connection, the bridge as well as the NDT of the hook and block.   Our experienced team will inspect for cracking, deformation and damage of all structural components not covered in the mechanical inspection.

Depending on the type and use of the crane, the Structural Safety Inspection should be done on a quarterly, semi annual or annual basis.  Make sure to reference the correct code when planning your Overhead Safety Inspections, or contact us at AXIS  to help you plan your facility inspections.

Overhead Crane

Walking the rail of an Overhead Crane

Types of Overhead Cranes

Numerous inspections of many types of cranes and supporting runways including:

Single & multiple girder overhead cranes

  • Inspection of steel making cranes
  • Heavy to moderate use cranes

Gantry & semi-gantry cranes

  • Inspection of inside and outside gantry cranes

Other types of cranes

  • Monorails
  • Jibs

Free-standing runways

  • Inspection and survey of inside and outside free-standing runwaysOverhead Crane