Welder Training.

Learn to Weld or Increase your Welding Qualifications

Welding Certification Practice and Training is now available at AXIS. Contact the Weld Test Centre to schedule your time.

We have a variety of practice and training options to choose from. Check back often, or contact us if you are looking for something that we don’t currently offer. We are updating our training options at an ongoing basis!

We are now offering Pressure Welder Training. Contact Amanda at the Weld Test Centre to schedule a time. 204-488-6790  or send an us an email.

Independent Practice

Independent practice is a great option for a welder who just needs to gain a bit of confidence before a test.   For more information please click here for details.

Tips and Tricks for passing a CWB Welder Qualification Test

(or Pre-Test Evaluation)

CWB Testing

CWB Welder Testing

This four hour private course gives an experienced welder hands on instructions in order to help build confidence to successfully complete the CWB Welder Qualification Test.

All five main welding processes; GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, FCAW and MCAW, are offered in this one-on-one hands on training. You will spend the four hours learning the specific requirements of CWB testing.

For more information click here, or contact our office at wtc@axisinspection.com or (204)-488-6790.

Customized Welder Training

AXIS Offers a small group course for the five main welding processes; GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, FCAW & MCAW.  These courses are designed for welding companies who want to invest in their human resources.  Companies that choose to provide this course for their welders are committed to offering the highest quality product while reducing cost of employee turn over, quality issues and warranty repairs.

Additional training for design teams is available for weld symbols and joint design.

A pre-course meeting will be scheduled to determine the focus of the course and ensure that it is designed with the company’s design and quality requirements in place.

Contact AXIS Inspection Group for more information.