A call to say Thank you – from the Crane Guys

Here at AXIS Inspection group, we inspect between 500 and 1000 cranes, personnel lift devices, and elevated work platforms each year.  That is a lot.  This represents many clients and most of which we have worked with for many years and as mobile crane inspections are required to be done on an annual basis. Our clients are repeat customers.  My hope is that over the coming months and years, I can write about many of our clients, but I can only write about one today.

The Crane Guys

Today I want to tell you about the Crane guys.  The reason I am including them in my blog today, is because they called our office to “Thank”us.  The owner took time to contact our office to tell us what a great job our inspectors had done.  He was impressed with their professionalism, their knowledge and the way they did their work.

I felt so proud of the crew we have here.  I am often impressed with how hard they work and the service that they give our clients. But to have someone call and say thank you, meant the world to me and meant a lot to the crew who had been working that cold winter day.

Clients calling to give praise or thanks to our inspectors, happens often enough that we have a policy for ensuring that an email goes to everyone in the office telling of the praise and comments.  It means a lot to the individual each time they receive a compliment.  But it also is good for the moral of the whole team.

So, our little thank you back to the Crane Guys, is to give them a shout out here.  They state:  “Our mission is to serve our clients with integrity, honesty and character. Where exceptional service is just the beginning and remembering that we are only as good as the promises we keep.”


We are thankful to each of our clients for the opportunity to serve them.