For updated information from Manitoba Apprenticeship Pressure welding requirements, including:  information on eligibility, licences and prerequisites, licencing policies, applying for a welding test, performance qualifications on the initial and renewal tests, and performance results from the examination, please consult Practical Pressure Welder Testing Program Information – (pdf)This syllabus is intended to assist a candidate applying to undertake a practical pressure welding test in Manitoba.


Welder Qualification Testing Information

Regular Scheduled Weld Testing Days are available at AXIS Inspection Group Ltd.

1239 Manahan Ave

Winnipeg, MB R3T5S8

Telephone: 204-488-6790


Testing can also be done at shop and field locations in Manitoba.  Contact our office to make arrangements.


Pressure Testing Pricing

 Welder Qualification Pricing 


Applications for Pressure Piping Testing & License

Unrestricted application  – Link to download word file

Restricted application – Link to download word file

Brazing Application – Link to download word file

Application for Welders Licence – Link to download word file

ASME Qualification Information


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