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This week social media has been busy with #BellLetstalk hashtags.  These are great.  The conversation about Mental health is starting and is becoming normalized.  This is a huge win and incredibly important, but what does it mean?  Is anything happening with the funds from this initiative? @Bell has put their money where they put their […]

NDT Methods Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing Dry Powder Method  Dry Powder is an inexpensive and very portable method of NDT.  It is suitable for detecting surface discontinuities. Used where portability of test method is important. This method is typically used on miscellaneous parts and large surface areas and best for examining rough surfaces The limitations of this method […]

Visual Inspection

This is the start of a series on non-destructive testing methods.  Over the upcoming weeks, I will do a very quick review of all the main NDT methods, starting with Visual Inspection.  Visual Inspection is really made up of two significantly different components and it is important to understand the difference.  First, what is visual […]

RFP – Interior Designer

Interior Design of Industrial Office Space November 29, 2019 Background: AXIS Inspection Group has recently consolidated the space to the main floor of a 4500 square foot (footprint) space.  Space is made up of three primary areas, including 1800 of shop space, which will not be included in the scope of work.  The 2 main […]

CGSB NDT Technicians

Job Description The successful candidate will be energetic and enjoy working directly with clients and AXIS team members and enjoy a fast-paced, dynamic work environment. Position Duties: Perform Non-Destructive Testing, including MT, PT, UT, XRF and visual Inspections Complete appropriate reports for the inspections performed. Communicate with the rest of the inspection team to ensure […]

Manitoba ASME Pressure Welder Testing

ASME Pressure Welder Testing Now Available at AXIS For the past eight years, our company has been involved with lobbying for the Manitoba Government to allow third-party ASME Pressure Welder testing. As of July 2019, this hard work for the industry will finally pay off. As we are currently preparing for our audit which will […]

Inspecting Fall Arrest Equipment

AXIS Inspection Group, as the name says, Inspects things. As an industrial inspection provider, we are committed to providing services that help our clients ensure the safety of people they are responsible for protecting. Part of the commitment to safety is ensuring our people are safe while they are working, and this is the start […]