AutoCAD was created by Autodesk and currently is the most widely used technical drawing program, having over 1.25 million registered users. For those who don’t know, Autodesk is the fourth largest PC software company in the world. The initials CAD actually mean Computer Aided Design. The first version of AutoCAD appeared for the first time in 1982 and it functioned under DOS, being the first important CAD program that ran on a desktop computer. Therefore, it was a successful program and its success has been attributed to the architecture that has been used. Besides this, its success also depended on the support of Auto LISP, which is a programming language that has been especially designed for AutoCAD. Thus, thanks to Auto LISP, AutoCAD managed to become the standard used for serious technical drawing.

The first time it had been created, AutoCAD was primarily designed as a CAD application utilized for 2D designs, but right now it has a powerful 3D modelling engine that actually allows you to make 3D models of buildings. The 3D modelling has been introduced almost a decade ago and right now it is very successful in the engineering field. However, at the beginning it was time consuming to create 3D models, and therefore it wasn’t too satisfactory to create them. Nowadays the things are completely different, and therefore one is able to create high quality presentations without having to spend too much time. Taking this in consideration, you can easily see that thanks to AutoCAD there are many industries that have managed to make a step ahead. For instance, the architects are able to attract more customers thanks to the 3D designs that can show the final work. In this way the client can say for sure whether he likes it or not. Besides this, the students can understand the drawings, simplifying in some way their work.

2D Drafting & 3D Modeling

Therefore, AutoCAD is able to give you the 2D drafting tools that are used at a daily basis by an increasing number of people, and besides this, it also provides a set of tools especially created for 3D modelling, allowing you to visualize the 3D models that are created by you. At the moment is one of the best programs of this kind, being used by many engineers. Therefore, if you are an engineer you have to know how to work with AutoCAD, this being an essential requirement especially if you wish to become more successful.

One can say that Autodesk managed to create a program that has unequalled features and abilities, including 3D modelling, intelligent dimensioning, and many more. Thanks to its amazing success, Autodesk expanded AutoCAD in a whole new line of programs, setting AutoCAD as the main base.

At the moment there are many disciplines that use AutoCAD, such as architectural, mechanical, electrical, or multimedia. There are many versions of AutoCAD, and each one is different from the other one. Besides this, there are also a few variants that actually respect the AutoCAD pattern.