Back to School Safety

After a summer holiday filled with beach days, long vacations, and endless free time, or more realistically, for me included,  months of incredibly intense and constant work to be done, fall is quickly approaching and while this may mean kicking back up to full work for some, it can mean winding down the intense work that’s just been happening.

Regardless of where you’re coming from your summer break we all need the reminders for back to school safety. We’ve become so relaxed driving to and from work without a second glance for school buses or slow speed zones. Since the implementation of the new school zone speed limits I’m sure most people have been negatively hit by a zone or two (or at least felt very worried for two weeks as you checked the mail twice a day for any envelopes from the city).

But as school starts up we know the city will be heavily surveying school zones, and with unmarked vehicles with camera inside, it can often feel as though we are being stealthily hunted.

At the end of the day, we do need to realize the laws are in place to protect children, including yours, if you have any. We need to remember that as frustrating as it can be to go 30 km per hour, it is keeping kids safer.

The second thing we all need to keep a look out for is school buses. When they have their red stop sign out and/or flashing lights, you CANNOT pass them. Although they probably do not have a camera car following them on their route, this is a very serious offence if caught, but also can be very serious if a child is trying to cross the road and you are unable to see them. The point of the stop sign is to make the road act as intersection for pedestrian crossing.

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