Red Seal

Becoming a Red Seal Welder

How to Obtain Your Welder Inter provincial Red Seal….as a TQ’s (Trade Qualifier).

Obtaining your Red Seal is quite a prestigious title throughout Canada.   Unfortunately navigating yourself through the process to get there can be quite the daunting task.    The intent of my blog is to simplify the process and focus primarily on the “practical” testing requirements.   Please continue and good luck to a (painless?) journey down the welding red carpet…


Step 1  ……..Registration with the MB Apprenticeship Branch

Visit the links below for detailed information and an application form to register under a TQ.

Step …….Complete your IP (Inter provincial) Written Exam

Upon registration (and acceptance) the MB Apprenticeship Branch will provide you with all necessary details on the date & time of your exam, fees, study material etc…

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Step  2 ……Complete your Practical Tests at AXIS Test Centre*

Two practical testing options exist in order to complete this step.  Please note that both options below will provide the same Interprovincial Red Seal (ie: your Certificate of Qualification).

Option A:  Test and qualify under ASME as a Pressure Welder

Please visit the link below for detailed information on the pressure welding option.

*Option B:  Test and qualify under CSA (CWB Testing) as a Structural Welder at .

AXIS Test Centre provides CWB Accredited testing facilities in both Winnipeg and Brandon to complete the necessary practical testing (under Option B).  We also offer in-house training and supply the necessary test assemblies.  After welding we prepare and evaluate all the test plates and will provide immediate results.   Please visit our website for additional information at

NOTE:  For complete and detailed information on both practical test options please visit:

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read my blog….please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or require further clarification.  I can be reached at


Thanks to Norm Cetkovski for the information on this confusing process!