Being thankful for being in business in Manitoba

In the world of blogging there is a term called editorial calendar.  Each week is out lined with a topic and planned ahead.   Most blogs I write ahead of time and prepare for the weeks ahead.   This week’s blog topic, just was not coming together for me. So instead of continuing with it, I scratched the idea and starting writing this  instead.

World News

Here in Winnipeg, the weather has been terrible, there has been -50, there has been snow, we now have frozen water pipes all over the city and water main breaks at what seems like every corner intersection.  As we drive (cause really, not many Winnipegers walk, especially in winter), we complain about the weather, the snow, the ruts, the lack of warmth, the fact that it feels like spring will never arrive, and if it does, we are sure to have flooding, which for many Winnipegers means wet basements. I turn on the news and realize that 239 people have disappeared in a plane “incident”, that Crimea is being taken over by Russia, Syria is experiencing intense fighting, and 12 people were killed in a suicide attack in Baghdad.

I worry about the direction our company is heading, how big our company should we grow, how many people should I hire, should we turn down certain projects and I have sleepless nights over these issues.

Maybe instead of griping about the snow, which I know I do, be thankful that we can go to the local coffee shop and get a coffee, without even considering that a suicide bomber may take the place out.  That our frozen water pipes mean that we have access to clean safe water. (most of the time).

Manitoba Business

As a business owner in Manitoba I have the opportunity to meet with many people from across Canada and even other parts of the world, and one of my first comments is always how fortunate I feel to be in business in Manitoba. – This is not to say that I agree with the NDP governments anti-business policies, but there is so much opportunity in this part of the world.  Manitoba is a great place to live and be in business. Today I will spend a little more time talking about that, then grumbling about the damn ruts in the backlane.