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This week social media has been busy with #BellLetstalk hashtags.  These are great.  The conversation about Mental health is starting and is becoming normalized.  This is a huge win and incredibly important, but what does it mean?  Is anything happening with the funds from this initiative? @Bell has put their money where they put their hashtag, and created a tool kit for businesses to address Mental Health in the workplace.

First, there is a poster: Just a poster you say, but it is packed with analytical data. Even the most financially focused management team can see these numbers and recognize the need to make changes if for nothing else, the bottom line.

https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/toolkit provides some incredible tools for organizations to access at NO COST!!! Some of the tools include:

link to a FREE CSA Code CSA-Z1003-13 Psychological Health in the workplace – Prevention, promotion and guidance to staged implementation.

A conversation guide which includes a powerpoint and facilitators guide to lead a discussion about mental health or talk with someone you might be concerned about.

The link on “Ways to Help” which includes some practical and easy tips to talk to someone dealing with mental health challenges.

Tools for teachers and students including PA announcements, school event ideas as well as all the resources available online.


The resource kit would not be complete without social medial images, stickers to be printed games and art to print out.

Bell isn’t just starting the conversation; they are actively providing tools and resources to make Mental Illness part of the conversation and Mental Health a priority.

Here at AXIS, we don’t have this figured out perfectly; but we are committed to talking about it, to making resources available and being a part of the community committed to ending the stigma about Mental Illness.

What is your workplace doing to promote mental health? I want to hear from you!


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