Blog #1 Mental Health

Mental health is a part of all of our lives, and with the increasing awareness about mental illness, the stigma may be lessening, but it is still a tough conversation to have with many. In a professional role, there is no room to break down and lose composure. When that becomes too much for someone, what happens? When is it okay for us to take a step back, for our health, without letting people down? If we do take a step back, can we tell others the real reason, or do we make up an excuse that seems ‘acceptable’? Mental illness is still stigmatized, especially in the workforce. We don’t like to admit that we are overwhelmed, but maybe if we all started to open up, we would realize how many others are experiencing the same things as us, and perhaps that could help us get through things. Follow the link here to here a part of my story on mental illness.

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