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Bolt Testing

If you had asked me 5 years ago what bolt testing was, I would have given a blank look and remarked, I will look into that and get back to you. (Which may be exactly what I did when asked the first time, 5 years ago).  Now, I am proud to say, our company is a leader in bolt testing and perform a number of of tests per months.

First a few definitions:

Torque Tightening – The application of preload to a faster by the turning of the fasterner’s nut) the corecct bolt tension can be realized.

Torque Wrench – a hand guided screwing tool. And used to precisely et the force of a fastening such a sa nute or bolt.  It allows the operator to measure the rotational force (torque) applied to the bolt so it can be matched to the specifications.


Why Bolt Test?

Often field erected structures and pipes are connected by bolts. The bolts are the only thing that holds the structure or piping together.  If you have ever assembled your own furniture, you understand how important it is to make sure the correct screws are used, and that they are tightened appropriately. What you may not know, is the importance of ensuring that the bolts are also long enough!


The most important reasons to Torque test are:

  1. To ensure that the correct type and size of bolt are used
  2. To ensure that the bolt is “tight” enough
  3. To ensure that the bolt is the correct length


If you want more information regarding Bolt testing, please check out the “Explore the World of Piping” website.  The information offered is very informative!


Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz