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Building Inspections, Structural design and new technology

Building Inspections, Structural design and new technology. What else is happening at AXIS!

Can we all agree that COVID-19 has kicked our butts?  These past few months have been hard, as we have been forced to make sudden, life-altering changes with no preparation or planning.  And change is hard, even in the best of times.

When we did our ISO:9001 audit just before COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, I made the comment that I refused to do any “worst-case scenario planning” as a recommendation with ISO:9001,  because after the year I had, what more could go wrong?  Well, turns out the joke was on me.  A global pandemic could happen.

What the past two years had prepared AXIS for was to adapt, to evolve and ensure that business continued.

Over the past three months, AXIS has pivoted, and we are coming out stronger than before.  We have utilized technology to turn around reports quickly, we have brought on an in house Structural Engineer to provide faster more efficient certifications but all to offer new services.   Some of these new services include structural design and pre-engineered building inspections.

We are excited to be making these changes to better serve our clients.  This year has been challenging for everyone and at AXIS our goal is to be your industrial solutions provider.  So keep following along to hear what is next at AXIS.

What has your business been doing to adapt to the changes over the past few months?


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