Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive Examination

To understand what CINDE is, as an association, you first need to know what NDE means.  The NDE portion of cinde, stands for Non-Destructive Examination, which is an alternative term for non destructive testing or NDT.




CINDE is a not for profit educational institute which provides training for individuals in the different methods of no-destructive testing.


According to the CINDE website, the mission of this organization is to “promote and participate in the development and application of non-destructive examination in Canada and internationally through educational courses, information programs, membership, research and qualification activities. ”

This association provides a wealth of resources in addition to training.  The website offers job seekers to review employment postings as well as potential employers to review resumes on line.

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Check out CINDE on line for all the memberships benefits and training opportunities.

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