Canadian Welding Bureau

The Canadian welding association is the not for profit division of the for profit CWB group.(Canadian Welding Bureau)  The CWA was originally founded by members across Canada forming an association to promote the welding industry.

Each of the local chapters relies heavily on industry support to sponsor the chapter.  These sponsors allow the chapters to host exciting events, and provide student bursaries!

CWA Sponsors

CWA Sponsors

The association now has 25 chapters, 24 in Canada and one in Cairo, Egypt.  Each of these chapters relies on a volunteer committee to organize technical seminar, events, tours, student activities and other opportunities for individuals interested in or involved with the welding industry in their area.

CWA Golf tournament

RB Russel Made a CWA fire pit

For more information about the CWA and the chapter near you, check out their website. For the Winnipeg Chapter event listing,click here: CWA Winnipeg Chapter

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