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CanWeld 2017

My very first CanWeld Conference was in Quebec City.  I showed up and thought to myself. What am I doing here. I am not a welder?  That was 5 years ago and since then I have had the opportunity to attend each year.  This year’s event is being held in Montreal and I am please to be presenting!

When I was asked to present, I was a little surprised and thought they must just be short of speakers! I am so humbled to be included in a group of speakers that includes Dr. Patricio Mendez, Dr. Hellen Christodoulou and Marc Miller M.P.

My topic is The Business of Welding Inspection: A Management Perspective. I will be discussing common terms and codes as well as discussing NDT methods and providing a case study on how different NDT methods are appropriate in specific applications.

A copy of my presentation will be available soon.

If you were unable to make it to this year’s CanWeld Conference, watch for it next year!



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