The Corrosion Protection Services at AXIS include Pre-Design Consulting, in-services assessment, and Failure Analysis.

Within the CPC program, a group of people with extensive corrosion service experiences in infrastructure, energy pipeline, steel structure fabrication industries, are certified by National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) International, and American Petroleum Institute (API).

• Coating Inspector (NACE CIP 1/2/3)
• Cathodic Protection (NACE CP 2/3/4)
• Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management (NACE PCIM)
• Piping Inspector (API 570)
• Pressure Vessel Inspector (API 510)
• Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector (API 653)

In addition, AXIS has an internal supporting team consisted of professionals from Welding Inspection (CSA W178.2), Non-destructive testing (CGSB, ASNT NDT), Database management, Project management (PMP), Safety management, and Financial analysis to provide support to your CPC program.

The consulting services delivered by CPC program are throughout the entire Asset Lifecycle from pre-design to decommission:

Pre-design & Design
• ROI (Return of Investment) analysis
• Optimization of Corrosion control practices
• Coating/CP material selection
• Specification development
Purchase & Fabrication
• Material Testing & Verification
• Third-party coating application QA/QC
• Procedure development & Verification
Construction & Installation
• Site coating application QA/QC
• Site CP installation QA/QC
• Procedure development & Verification
• Performance audit
• Training & Qualification
Operation & Integrity Management
• Diagnosis of corrosion imperfection
• Third-party QA/QC of corrosion integrity projects
• Corrosion control performance measurement & remediation
• Case studies (AC/DC interference, coating failures)
• Corrosion integrity data management
• Regulatory inspection & audit
• Training & Continuous improvement
• Advice for decommissioning

The main goal of the AXIS CPC program is to encourage your organization to take a proactive approach to protect personnel, environment, and assets against corrosion.