Congratulations Dan Shewfelt on becoming a Level 3

For anyone who doesn’t know what a Level 3 inspector is, I will try to explain this in a way that makes it sound like it is a big deal.  (Because it is for us!)

When you first decide to become an inspector, you register with CWB and either start studying at home or take a 2 week long course with the Canadian Welding Bureau, which qualifies you as a Visual inspector Trainee.

After completing all home study programs, code exams and practical tests you become a Level 1.  This means that you can perform Visual inspections within a “certified” company. (CSA W178.1 certified Inspection Organization) Then after two years of experience under a Level 3 inspector, and a bunch more exams you are eligable to become a Level 2 visual inspector.

After another 4 years and a bunch of exams on Metallurgy you are eligible to be a Level 3 Welding Inspector.   With this Level also comes the ability to be an inspection supervisor.  An inspection supervisor is a requirement of a Certified Inspection Company.

So, the big deal for AXIS, is that we now have three Level 3 Visual inspectors and supervisors. Each of our inspectors working has the opportunity to learn under three different people and gain experience and perspective from three unique individuals and go to them with challenges that they come across in the field.

Congratulations Dan Shewfelt on this milestone in your career.

Dan Shewfelt is also a Certified Welding Inspector with AWS, a Level 2 MT technician with CGSB, an international welding specialist with IIW and a Red Seal Welder.  Give him a call or email if you have any welding related challenges you would like to discuss.