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AXIS is growing.  It is an exciting time for us as we take on new challenges, offer new services and reach new clients, while still trying to offer the same quality of services that we have prided ourselves on for the past 10 years.

In my new role in Business development, I am travelling a lot.  I really love it, and it is a role that I have wanted since I was in university thinking about my career.  What I didn’t realize was the amount of organization it would take to keep track of all the flights, accommodations and meetings that came along with the travelling.  I also hadn’t planned to do this as a single mom who also would be dealing full time with a teenager.

Last week due to some scheduling changes, I needed to be in and out of Edmonton in 24 hours and get my meetings done in one day. This seemed manageable and all was scheduled. I left Winnipeg and arrived in Edmonton completely uneventfully, received an upgrade at Budget Rent a Car (Awesome ride!), and made my first meeting at the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining right on time.  I was feeling pretty good about myself and my travelling status.

From the first meeting I went straight to the second on my agenda, again, feeling pretty awesome in my Cadillac and being on time.  Then the meeting wasn’t quite as I expected, received a text about an issue at home that needed to be resolved before I left, yet again the next day, and all the sudden, the anxiety that I do well to manage most of the time, was in full force.  I couldn’t breathe, I knew I needed air and needed to finish this meeting and get to the next event.

I excused myself and waited for my Uber, trying to breathe.  I made it to the Hotel and there was no reservation for me. I checked my email and sure enough, I made the reservation for Calgary. I was trying to keep myself together while the Marriott Guest Services attendant worked some magic and found me a room and reminded me to cancel my other hotel booking, which I did right away.

After two hours of calming down and getting my anxiety under control, I felt better. Even though I had missed one of the events, I knew my mental health needed the break.

Going through my emails the next morning, I realized that I cancelled the wrong hotel reservation and now not only was charged for my no show, did not have a room for an upcoming event. Feeling my anxiety start to spin out of control, I contacted the Marriott and sounded as professional as I could, and didn’t even tell them about my panic attack situation, they resolved the issue right away.  No questions. I told the guest services rep the situation and thanked her.  She was gracious and so helpful.

Then the next call was just as amazing. I am all about brand loyalty, but am even more about convenience.  I love the Marriott, but when an event is at another hotel, I do like to stay at the event instead. So the Hyatt rep answered the phone and I told her the quick story of accidentally cancelling my reservation, and she was amazing too!  She rebooked everything and was also gracious and kind.

This is a long story but the take away is pretty short. I learned a lot about customer service. Customers/Clients are key.  We appreciate each one of our clients new and old. I want to work to train our people to make our customers feel as appreciated as I did, by both of these companies.  Thank you again to both the Marriott Calgary Airport and Hyatt Regency Calgary for encouraging your people to care.

Part of expanding our client care, is bringing on a Business Development Manager.  If you haven’t already met Bryce, feel free to get in touch with him.  He would love to meet you and hear how AXIS can better help you with your Inspection and NDT requirements.

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