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Are you a welder looking to advance your welding career??  Are you a pressure welder wanting to finish your red seal or realize you need that CWB structural ticket?  You have found the right place!  Here at AXIS we have been running the CWB welder test centre since 2008  We have 6 booths at our Winnipeg location and 3 at our Brandon location!

You may be thinking, “Why should I bother” getting my CWB ticket.  Being a CWB qualified welder opens up many opportunities for you as a welder.  Many manufacturing plants now what to see that you can pass a CWB test before they will hire you. In the field a pressure welder is more valuable with a CWB ticket, so they can do all the work in that area. Also, it is a step in the RED SEAL Apprenticeship Program.

CWB Testing

CWB Welder Testing

The Processes that are tested in a CWB qualifying test include SMAW, GMAW & FCAW/MCAW, Both SMAW and FCAW/MCAW can be tested in Flat, Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead positions.  It is suggested that GMAW is only done in the FLAT and Horizontal position.  (The reason GMAW is typically not done in the vertical or overhead position,  is that the gap is VERY wide, and Think about welding with pudding……..) needless to say, you can try, but don’t say I didn’t warn you if you fail. So, unless you know you can pass, don’t waste your money!

There is so much to say about CWB Structural welding, I am sure I will come back to this topic many times.  But I wanted to give you all a little intro on getting started as a structural welder.

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