Does practice make perfect?

The quote “practice makes perfect” has been around forever, and I’m sure that everyone has said and/or been told this quote. It is very true, in the sense that if you keep on practicing what you are wanting to achieve you will get better and better as you continue on. But this only works if what you are practicing is correct. So i think we need to change the quote from “practice makes perfect” to being “perfect practice makes perfect”. And yes, i realize that having the expectations of getting things perfect every time you practice is too high, but if we aim for perfection, that at least we land close, instead of settling for good enough. If you wanted to be a soccer player but were taught how to play with the rules of football, you could never become an amazing soccer player.

If you tried to become a great poet, but were taught haiku poems were 3 word poems, no matter how many hours you put into creating poem after poem, none could ever be great.


Welder Training

As you may be aware, AXIS has welder training available in both the Winnipeg and Brandon locations.  So many people try to get into welding, but have been taught with wrong techniques or bad habits. Our vision and hope for this training centre is to allow welders to properly learn how to weld, so that they may be able to practice properly, and end up perfecting their welding. Contact our office to schedule some practice time, or check out our website for more information on both practice availability and welding training.

Article written by Lily Pankratz

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