Until earlier this year, I made an effort to post once a week. For reasons that are summed up with “Life Happens” I haven’t been. But I am back at it and excited to be posting and hope to hear from you!

This week I am excited to share a little bit about the safety inspections of equipment, specifically, lifting equipment. Overhead Cranes, Below the hook Lifting devices, Fork Lifts, and Man-Lifts all have safety inspection requirements. And we at AXIS have spent the past year improving how we offer this service. We have trained our people, we have modified reports and have worked with our engineering team to ensure a more efficient inspection service to each of our clients.

I have previously posted on a number of these topics and will include the links for them if you are interested.

The main message of my post today is to say, I am back, I am looking forward to working with each one of you on your safety inspection requirements, and I have an amazing team here to help you!

Blog on Safety Inspection of Overhead Cranes  

Blog on Safety Inspection of Aerial Work Platforms

Blog on Safety Inspection of Fork-Lifts

Blog on Safety Inspection of Lifting Devices

Blog on Safety Inspection of Industrial Equipment

Blog on Inspection and Certification of Mobile Cranes 

Tune in to the 1Life Webinar on November 29th, to hear Theo and I discuss safety requirements of lifting equipment.   Make sure to register ahead of time. or if you are a CME member, come out on December 5th to MADE SAFE’s Manufacturer’s forum where I have been invited to present on safety inspection requirements for equipment, along with other exciting presentations and a Tour of New Flyer.

I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Until next week.