Facility Maintenance Inspections & Workplace Safety & Health

I am sitting here in my office on this chilly “fall” day.  Looking outside, it is definately winter and that means we move from construction season to more inside work.  (Inside work happens all year, but throughout the winter months, there is definitely more).

So, this is the time of year I tend to review the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act as a good refresher of how we can help our current clients and how we can start meeting the needs of some potential new clients. As well as ensuring that we aren’t slacking on our own responsibilities.

The first thing I have to always check is that each of my employees has a copy of the most recent workplace safety and health act & regulation. Right now the most recent edition is “Chapter W210 10/02 (includes 2010 ammedment).  Once I make sure we are all working from this we get into the sections that we start going through our applicable sections.

Part 23: Cranes & Hoists.   WS&H covers everything in this section about who is allowed to repair cranes and hoists, and the certification of inspectors, to safety standards for overhead cranes, gantry cranes, monorails, hoists and trolleys, mobile cranes, peronnel hoists, tower cranes and material hoists.

If your orgnaization uses any of these items, be sure to not only check out the WS&H act, but also make sure you have the most recent editions of the applicables codes.  As the act leaves the specifics to the codes!

The following sections are also areas of the Act that we are able to assist our clients with ensuring that they are meeting their inspections requirements:

Part 22 – Powered Mobile Equipmnet

Part 24 – Piling driving

Part 28 – Scafolds and other elevated work platforms (we do not do inspection or design of scafolding, but can make great recommendations)

So, these Parts directly affect our clients and we are here to know the act and the codes applicable to each part.  Our inspection reports are designed to be check lists right out of the codes to ensure compliance.

Next blog will be about the Parts of the Act that affects our daily operations.  Here is a hint, I was shocked to learn how many sections of the Act affect our business!

If you have any questions about how to meet compliance in your orgnaization, please contact our office.

Bonnie – bonnie@axisinspection.com