Fleetmatics Reveal

Fleetmatics Reveal is another online tool we have been using for our company, and while the name may imply it is connected to Fleetmatics work (discussed in the last blog) the two are not able to connect. Despite this one set back, we are still very thankful for Reveal, and all that it has enabled our company to do. Here are our top three reasons to jump on board with Reveal today:

Safety Features:

Reveal puts in a tracker in each vehicle which not only allows you to know where each vehicle is, it allows you to know the exact speed each vehicle is going, as well as tracks maintenance visits such as oil changes, and other service plans as needed. This allows drivers to keep their vehicles in good condition, and will alarm users of any vehicles exceeding speeding limits. All of these features can be personalized by users to best fit their company’s needs.




Reveal offers dozens off reports, that you are able to customize based on drivers and time period. These reports allow you to review the activities of drivers, and view exact start/stop time of jobs and length of drives to reach job sites. You are also able to view fuel efficiency, and can therefore save costs by cutting back on idle time.

fleetmatics reports

Live Map:

The live map feature shows exactly where each vehicle is, and when there last movement was. This allows administration to see what each driver is doing, and can best schedule immediate work based on the current location of drivers. This helps increase efficency, while cutting back on costs, as well as confusion.