Scheduling and dispatch

Fleetmatics Work

We have been using Fleetmatics Works for close to a year now, and it has imporvedour communication at work drastically.  We are able to run more effectively, and efficiently because of this program. Here are our top three reasons why you should get your company on Fleetmatics Works right now.

  1. Scheduling


With Works, you are able to enter in jobs as you are on the phone with the client. You are able to look at your scheduled jobs in a daily, weekly or monthly format, for all your employees, at once. This allows for easy organization of your work log, and to ensure that no double bookings occur.

  1. Job description and completion


Workers will receive a notification of a new job on their Fleetmatics mobile app, and when they accept it they will receive all job details give, once they accept they can then start recording their driving time, and start and stop times at the job on the site, at the precise time is happening. This eliminates the need for estimating, and resolves any conflicts that may occur when people are not agreeing on time, and allows billing to be exact, and reliable.

  1. Overview

You are able to look at your total jobs from the year, over the span of every month

jobs per month

You are also able to track more personalized things, such as how many new clients you have each month

clients per month


This feature allows for you to see how your company is doing, and the capacity you are currently taking on, and what could work for your company in the future. This is a great tool for planning future work


Fleetmatics Works has changed the way we run our daily operations, and has allowed our company more seamless and efficient with the scheduling and operationalizing of our jobs.