Fork Lift

Fork Lift Inspections

Material Handling Equipment is common in many workplaces.  Fork Lifts and Telehandlers make moving product, supplies and materials safe and reducing accidents and injuries. Cracking material will very quickly cause a serious forklift accident.

Inspection Requirements

Material Handling Equipment (Lift Trucks) require a structural inspection of the Forks and also of the Mast to ensure that there are no cracks in the material.

Material Handling

Fork Lift / Telehandler

Cracking in the Fork could very quickly lead to a catastrophic forklift accident. The potential for causing damage not only to the supplies that are dropped, but any people near the incident are a huge risk for any company.

Many industrial facilities that we work with have recognized the cost efficiency of an annual Fork inspection to quickly catch small cracks before they become catastrophic failures.

If you are would like more information on Fork and Mast Inspections, Please contact our office and let us help you implement your equipment safety inspection program!

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Bonnie Pankratz