1Life Workplace

How 1Life Workplace Safety is Helping AXIS Inspection Grow.

As much as I like tell you all about our company and what AXIS does, I am really excited to share this week with you about another company.  Thru the small world that Winnipeg is, I was introduced to a company called 1 Life Workplace Safety & Health Ltd.

This company is unlike any other safety company we have dealt with.  We at AXIS deal with Workplace safety and Health concerns and are introduced to many safety companies. When I first met some of the employees from 1Life, I was impressed.  They love what they do and seemed to know what they were talking about.  We have had the opportunity to recommend them to clients and have known about them for a couple of years.

Recently though, I found out about a service that they offer that intrigued me.  They offer a program called “mysafetyassistant”. This program is an on-line assistant that keeps track and helps to organize everything for your safety program.  This program alone would have sold me on signing up, , but what really caught my attention and made me excited to sign on the dotted line, is the commitment that they demand of their clients.

Not just anyone can be a 1 Life client.  The owners and upper management must commit. I will tell you a secret. When we started COR process, upper management did not “buy in”. It had to get done and we wanted NOTHING to do with it.  Guess what?  It didn’t work.  The program was frustrating on so many levels and we could never jump on board.  We got it done and were COR certified. We managed through the process and the daily grind.  It always felt like a burden, a gigantic sack of boulders that we had to carry around.  Feeling the burden of the law, the responsibility of taking care of employees and the significant cost of running the program while knowing all bids are “lowest bidder”.

The “Mysafetyassistant”  is not only a database that maintains all your safety program requirements, from MSDS’ to safe work procedures, employee records, tool box talks, both ideas and completed, signed forms. On-line training, information and announcements and way more than I could even begin to list, the extra, is the personal assistance.  Including:

  • Set up, administration, orientation and on-going support as required
  • Resource and document library
  • Over 1000 professionally developed policies, safe work procedures, forms, checklists, signs, posters, photos and more
  • Unlimited On-Line employee training critical for due diligence
    • New relevant resources monthly to build safety culture and compliance; Hazard alerts, Safety talks, Safe work procedures and more
    • Document and Record Management System
    • Legislative and Technical Updates including draft policies as legislation and standards change
    • Expert Interviews to educate management, committees and employees (monthly)
    • myContractorManager (Contractor Management System)
    • Monthly ongoing professional development and support for Safety coordinator, committee etc (Live at 1Life or via webinar)
    • Guided Gap Analyses of your Safety Management System to ensure compliance and effective risk management (Live at 1Life or via webinar)
    • Regular coaching and   monitoring to ensure implementation, compliance and your peace of mind. Focus   will be on monitoring the highest risks in your business such as:

a. Critical tasks

b. Employee training and   competency

c. Documentation and   enforcement

d. WCB / Return to Work   Claims

e. Hazard/ Near Miss   Reporting / Incident Investigations at root cause

And this is only scratching   the surface of what all they can do.

After my last blog about the overwhelming feeling of managing our three management systems, this program has made running each of them so much   more manageable.  Before this on-line   program, and some of the information from webinars that have been put on by 1Life, I was looking at hiring a full time position to manage our Quality   Control, Safety and HR areas.   This   program has made it manageable for us to run with our current staff. (For   less than I would pay for a month salary for this position)

Thank you Theo and your team at 1 Life.

Bonnie Pankratz