I know what we do, do you?

It recently came to my attention that not everyone knows what we (AXIS) does.  I have to admit that this came as a surprise to me and I had to re-evaluate how we market and present ourselves.  Some people think all we do is Welder Testing, others think that we just do Weld inspections and others think we just do Crane inspections.  These are three areas that we are heavily involved in, but we are so much more. We chose the name AXIS Inspection Group in 2007, simply because it didn’t define us as a structural inspection company, or just providing services or anything too specific. But I guess the name isn’t enough. So here it is, the List:

  • CWB structural Welder Testing, including the structural component for Red Seal
  • Performance test plate assemblies & specialized procedure test assemblies
  • Mechanical & Destructive Testing for AWS & CWB procedure testing
  • Crane inspection & Certifications, as well as Lift Procedures and weld repair procedures.
  • Inspection of Personnel lifting devices
  • Fire Truck inspections (NDT)
  • Rebar layout Verification
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Structural Steel Inspection during fabrication (both visual and NDT)
  • Structural Steel erection inspection
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection and Testing
  • Piping inspection
  • Torque Testing (Bolt testing)
  • Vacuum box testing (I know, this is a weird one!)
  • Mining Equipment inspection & testing
  • Overhead Crane Rail and Bridge Inspection
  • Lift Device inspection (Facility Maintenance inspections)
  • Corrosion evaluation (Thru thickness)
  • Testing of Manufactured Items
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Phased Array Testing& Ultrasonic Flaw detection
  • Radiographic testing, both X-ray & gamma ray
  • Magnetic Particle Testing,
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing

I am sure that I have missed things, and like the vacuum box testing, it may be something new. If we haven’t done it, but you need it done, we will make every effort to learn how and find the equipment to make it happen.

Let us help you with your inspection and testing needs.