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Industrial Equipment Inspection

Inspection and testing of equipment is an interesting area of service offered by AXIS Inspection.  Many of the things that we inspect are governed by Codes, standard, specifications and safety regulations, but there is another whole group of items that we inspect that is simply done because the client sees value in having their equipment inspected.

Why inspect something if you don’t have to?

We get the questions “Do I have to have this inspected?”  And many times the answer is there is no requirements for that particular item.  But we are seeing a trend towards preventative maintenance as well as safety inspections.

Safety Inspections:

Many pieces of equipment are inspected because there have been injuries associated with equipment failure, or an assessment has been done and it has been determined that the likeliness of equipment failure and the possibility of injury is significant enough to warrant a third party inspection.

Preventative Maintenance:

Inspecting equipment before a breakdown is a cost efficient way to ensure productivity remains constants. We can inspect equipment during a scheduled down time and ensure that any minor deficiencies are identified and repaired during this scheduled down time,  rather than the equipment breaking down during production.

Preventative maintenance and inspection on industrial equipment is the equivalent of an oil change in your car.  You make sure that you check and change the oil regularly so that the engine doesn’t blow during a hot summer day when you are stuck in traffic!  Inspecting your equipment during a down day ensures that when the big orders come in, your production isn’t delayed due to equipment break down!


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