Inspecting Fall Arrest Equipment

AXIS Inspection Group, as the name says, Inspects things. As an industrial inspection provider, we are committed to providing services that help our clients ensure the safety of people they are responsible for protecting.

Part of the commitment to safety is ensuring our people are safe while they are working, and this is the start of a series on inspections you and your team can do, in house, to ensure the safety of your team members.

This week I have attached forms and links that will assist with the inspection of Fall Arrest harnesses and lanyards.  For more information about Manitoba Workplace safety and health regulations on Fall Arrest harnesses and lanyards, see Section 14.18 and 14.19 of the regulations.

Harness Inspection Form

Fall Protection Equipment

Section 14.18 and 14.19 of Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act & Regulations

Harness Diagram with Checklist  (Thank you Construction Safety Association of Manitoba for this amazing resource)


Safety Inspections

At 250′, you want to be confident your harness was inspected.

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