It’s Time to Axissorize

Please do not hold the cheesey title against me.   It got your attention though!


If you’re a welder you know that some equipment is better than others. You also know that in most cases your shop is going to provide you with the least expensive equipment they can get.

For those who take their job seriously, having their own accessories and tools not only makes their job easier, but allows them the freedom to remain comfortable and safe in one of the world’s most hazardous professions.

There are hundreds of companies manufacturing gear and tools for the welding industry, but not all of them are the same.

Here are some of the products we use at AXIS and think you’ll like just as much.



Speedglass Welding Helmet

There is no better helmet than the 3M Speedglas. The personal choice of Dan Shewfelt, there is no room for margin when it comes to the single most important piece of equipment every welder needs. They fit well, they protect you and they look fricken awesome compared to some of the others. This is a helmet you need to consider if welding is your career of choice.

Fall Arrest Harness

Search and Rescue Technicians aren’t the only guys who need harnesses. When it comes to welding in high places or extreme environments, having DBI-SALA fall-protection harnesses with the patented i-Safe Intelligent Safety System allows users to better track where their harnesses are, who is using them and when they were last inspected.

For welders who spend their days perched onto of bridges or tied to oil rigs, it’s these harnesses that will protect you from a killer fall. The embedded 134.2 kHz RFID tag is your assurance that the harness is good to go and won’t let you down when you need to be lifted up.


Welding gets hot and wearing a poly-blend shirt is probably the most stupid thing you could do. Not only are some blends prone to catching fire, but they refuse to let you breath keeping you sweaty and hot during the day. Choosing clothing made of 100% cotton is arguably your best bet. Consider brands like Carhartt Workwear which design all of their products with welders in mind. Comfort is a must when welding and choosing the right clothing is essential to keeping you safe and comfortable throughout the day.

Equipment Bag

Every welder carries a gear bag and we all know they don’t tend to last very long. At Axis Inspection, all welders are outfitted with a Husky Bag from Home Depot. Not only are they sturdier than most, but they’re not so expensive that you can’t justify having to buy another six or twelve months down the line. They come in a variety of sizes and are as comfortable as a bag can get to lug around the job site.

Here are a few other recommended products you might want to consider adding to your tool box:

Welder Equipment: Lincoln Electric

Plasma Cutter: Hypertherm

Grinders: Walter Surface Technologies

Grinding wheels: 3M Cubitron

Welding Gloves: Tillman

Hardhats: Fibermetal

Weld Gauges: G.A.L Gauges

Welding clamps: Bessey

Oxy/Fuel Torch Set: Victor

We take our tools very seriously around here and are happy to recommend those that work well for our team.


Until next week,

Bonnie Pankratz


*None of the above companies are paid sponsors.  These are companies that over our history have found to be the best for our applications.