Keeping safe in the summer sun

It is summer, and after this past weekend of sun it is easy to forget those blasting cold days of winter. We can now complain about the heat, instead of the cold. Working in construction and being outside in summer  has a whole host of safety issues that we need to remember every year.  Sort of like Winter driving, how is it that every year, Winnipeg drivers forget how to drive in the snow??… But I digress.  Safety is important year round, but there are some really big issues in summer that we need to be mindful of and be actively aware of addressing.

The sun of course is the main safety concern:

Hydration:  It is hot and I love to be warm, but with the heat we need to remember to keep everyone hydrated. It isn’t enough to have a water cooler in the office, if your workers are working in the field, they need access to water while they are working.  In some extreme heat situations, every 15 minutes is recommended. Avoid sugary caffeinated drinks like Cola and “energy boosters!”, Gatorade is good, but a product called Squincher that provides the right minerals and fluid balance, without all the sugar of stuff like Gatorade, is even better. And available in single serving packages!!

Covering up, I am all about the tan, but it is important to keep covered in loose fitting clothing to avoid burning, bugs and becoming over heated.  A light weight long sleeved shirt if you have to have sleeves, or a cotton t-shirt.

Eye Protection: Some sites will not allow tinted safety glasses, but when possible and safe to wear, tinted safety glasses are a great solution to the glare, especially of the road and all the steel on a construction site!

Safety is important all year round, but keep in mind the summer hazards that we sometimes over look!

Have a great, and safe summer!

(I didn’t get any perks from Squinsher for this one, but it is a great product!, and it is available at your “everything for industrial, safety and fasteners store”)