Keeping Warm in Winter

Great tips for keeping warm in winters

Do you feel the chills on your spine when the winds blow? You need to find out a few hacks in order to keep warm in the chilly winters while being on duty. We know how hard it is to remain warm when you have to go for welding from house to house but here are some easy tips:

  • Have warm liquids: it is advisable to always take in warm liquids before heading to work. You need to have some warm milk mixed with some yellow food coloring in order to keep your body temperature relatively higher than it usually should be. Otherwise having tea or coffee before heading to work is another option.


  • Have eggs: having boiled and fried eggs before going to work can also be very helpful. Eggs maintain the body temperature and avoid the body from getting chilled. Eggs also provide a lot of protein and therefore heat energy is built inside. This can keep you warm for several hours.


  • Cover your essential parts: while working, it is impossible to wear many sweaters to keep away from the cold. However, covering the head and the feet is essential. This has proven to be very helpful in terms of keeping yourself warm. Cover your head with beanie or woolen caps and always wear socks underneath your boots. Covering the head and feet is compulsory if you want to remain warm and fulfill your duties as a welder.

These simple tricks can make your life easier and warmer in the cooler days when you have a lot of welding to do and the weather seems not in your favor. Follow these simple tricks as they will be able to trap your body heat inside the body and clothes while the work becomes easier.

Until Next week,