Dan Shewfelt

Learn About The Real Welding Process

The process of welding is quite important for any building, especially those that have commercial spaces. As the owner of such a building, you will definitely have to opt for regular welding inspections. Therefore, getting to know what welding is really about shall definitely help you a lot. These days most welding in the field is still done using the SMAW (stick) method. Though more and more welding is being done using FCAW, which is a wire process and much more cost efficient! These two categories of welding follow slightly different ways of handling welding tasks. Let us get to know them in brief.

SMAW & FCAW Welding

Both of these processes are know as Arc Welding.  This is the most common kind of welding where an electrical arc is used to melt metals so that they may stick well to each other’s. Some fillers materials like welding rods can also be used in order to weld the joints. In arc welding, a grounding cable is usually attached to the metal surface or any other welding material. There is a second cable called the electrode lead. This lead is carefully placed on the place where welding has to occur. After this, it is carefully pulled away. This creates an electric arc. This arc then helps the filler get joined with the materials.

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This kind of welding is very difficult as one has to maintain a very steady hand and keep the details of the arc intact in order to make the welds work properly. The rod will melt with the electric welds and this would help in feeding the filler in steady to and fro motion. This is the reason why arch welds look more different than other kinds of welds. Poor welds are usually created when the welder is not experienced enough to handle the electric arcs properly. There are different types of arc welding which include gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW or TIG), gas metal arc welding (GMAW or MIG), shielded metal arch welding (SMAW or stick), Flux Cored Arc Welding & Metal Cored Arc Welding,  are all the different types of arc welding.

Torch welding

This process of welding is an original method that is not commonly used in Canada anymore, though still taught in some schools.  Though this is also a tricky task, it is considered to be simpler than arc welding. Here, the welder uses oxyacetylene torches in order to melt the surface which needs to be welded. The torch needs to be controlled along with the welding rod in order to make proper joints. As such, torch welding has become almost extinct when it comes to industrial jobs. This method of welding is still commonly used for the creation of incredible works of art.