To understand why we offer Inspection of Lifting Devices, we first need to know what a lifting device is!

Lifting Equipment
Below the Hook Lift Devices

A lifting device is anything that is used to lift an object by a crane. A mobile or overhead crane would use a spreader beam to lift a load, or a basket may be used to move propane or generators into location. Another type of Lift Device is a ladle, which is used to lift and pour molten metal in a foundry.  These are just a few examples of Lift Devices.

Lift Device
Lifting Device

Now, the question is, why do they need to be inspected?  The crane that is lifting the object and the Lift Device are inspected, the lifting device is also required by Code to be inspected.  The Lift Device is typically welded together and those welds need to be checked using NDT to ensure that they are not cracking. The Lift Device is also visually inspected for deformation, which can the object not be as strong as it the original capacity.

At AXIS we are able to provide inspection and verification for the original certification of a lift device as well as the regular inspection of the devices!

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