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Lincoln Electric Company of Canada

If you are in the welding industry, you have probably heard of a company named: Lincoln Electric. The Lincoln Electric Company of Canada founded 117 years ago and is still committed to excellence. Lincoln Electric’s tradition of innovative solutions, technological leadership and commitment to customers, employees, and shareholders stems from the vision of its founder, John C. Lincoln and his brother, James F. Lincoln”.  From www.lincolnelectric.ca

Fum Extraction

Lincoln Electric – Portable Fume Extraction

Working together

Here at AXIS we have been fortunate to share office space with the regional sales team for Lincoln. (Don’t stop by to buy product, they are never here and they don’t stock any product!) (Head over to one of their distributors like Welders Supplies) Lincoln Electric is committed not only to innovation solutions and technological leadership, they truly are committed to their customers.  Lincoln is committed locally to the welding industry here in Manitoba.

When you walk into our facility, you will see a whole lot of red. Red welders, red fume extraction, red down draft tables and red and black posters.  Lincoln has invested in the local industry by ensuring that welders has a state of the art facility to come to for testing. The company has come along side us to ensure that the equipment and consumables are available, and affordable so that we can pass along that savings to our customers and ensure that welder testing is an affordable option here in Winnipeg.

We are proud to use Lincoln Electric Welding equipment at both of our facilities.  Come on down for your weld test and check out some of the latest and greatest that Lincoln has to offer.

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