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Manitoba ASME Pressure Welder Testing

ASME Pressure Welder Testing Now Available at AXIS

For the past eight years, our company has been involved with lobbying for the Manitoba Government to allow third-party ASME Pressure Welder testing. As of July 2019, this hard work for the industry will finally pay off. As we are currently preparing for our audit which will make this an official announcement, we are hustling behind the scenes to ensure that we are ready to offer a strong start to this milestone change for the industry.

Testing Available July 2019

There are many details to work out, and we will ask for your patience as we train our people with the new lingo, and procedures that are required.  We will offer testing on regularly scheduled days, as well as off-hours and weekends, to ensure that we are meeting the demands our clients need to be productive.

First Scheduled Testing date will be Friday, July 5th. 

Weld Test Centre Schedule Schedule


Initial Qualification Test 
$250.00 per 6” Schedule 80 Pipe
Additional Costs:
$50.00 6″ Schedule 80 Pipe, Bevelled. Welder may provide their own material, with MTR.
Re-Qualification Test
 $200.00 per 2” Schedule 160 Pipe
Additional Costs:
$60.00 2″ Schedule 160 Pipe, Bevelled.  Welder may provide their own material, with MTR.
Additional Procedures & Field Testing
 $95.00 per hour
 Mechanical testing cost dependent on requirements

+ Additional Taxes


Q. Do the requirements change for an initial test?

A: No.  All the same requirements for an initial test remain. https://www.gov.mb.ca/wd/apprenticeship/pdfpubs/pubs/general/practice_exams/welder_pressure_tq.pdf

Q: How long is my qualification good for?

A: Qualification will be renewed every 2 years.

Q: Why is the test more expensive than at the OFC?

A: The government was subsidizing the testing, and we are not receiving any of the subsidies.

Q:  When will testing be available.

A: Pricing will be based on regularly scheduled days.  Evenings and Weekends are available but may have a premium added to the fee. A minimum number of welders are required for test sessions. See Schedule

Q: Does AXIS have Weld Procedures for Testing?

A: AXIS has registered the following procedures, at this time:

SMAW:  M-1, P-1, S-1, Grp 1 or 2  1/8″ – 3/4″ E6010 & E7018

SMAW: M-1, P-1, S-1, Grp 1 or 2  1/8″ – 3/4″ E7018

GTAW: M-1, P-1, S-1, Grp 1 or 2  1/8″ – 1 1/2″ ER70S-2 & E7018

GTAW: M-1, P-1, S-1, Grp 1 or 2  1/8″ – 1 1/2″ INMs-1 and ER70S-2

You may also provide your own weld procedure for testing.

AXIS will be submitting more procedures in the coming weeks for approval.

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