Mobile Crane Inspections

Mobile Cranes are required to be inspected in Manitoba on an annual basis.  Part 23 of Manitoba Workplace safety and health regulations outline all of the requirements in regards to cranes and hoists.

A mobile Crane or boom hoist truck over 7300KG and any tower crane are required to have an authorized crane operator, under the Trade of Crane and Hoisting Equipment operator regulation. Along with this requirement, all cranes and hoist have inspection requirements, which are outlined in the listed codes provided in Part 23.4.

mobile crane

Mobile Crane

Manitoba Workplace safety and Health

Manitoba Workplace safety and Health outlines only a few of the requirements specifically, but refers to the codes and standards as to the requirements to be followed.  Simply reading the Regulations do not provide us with all of the inspection requirements.

The inspectors at AXIS Inspection are trained on the codes and standards that govern this expensive equipment and take their job very seriously as they realize the importance of performing a complete and proper inspection and the cost to equipment and lives if this is not done properly.

Our inspectors complete annual training and use a checklist format inspection worksheet to ensure a complete inspection is done on your equipment. This inspection is done by inspectors who as a team inspect between 800-1000 units of mobile equipment each year.

Pro-Forma Engineering

AXIS works directly with the Welding and Certifying engineers at Pro-Forma engineering to serve our clients in the most efficient manner and ensure that downtime due to repairs is minimized. The team of engineer’s works together to ensure a speedy delivery of repair procedures, as we all know the cost for a crane to be out of service.

Your Mobile Crane

AXIS may inspect hundreds of cranes each year, we understand how important your crane is to you.  For many of our clients, they may only have 1 or 2 cranes which are their entire livelihood. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to each of our crane clients, regardless if you have 1 crane or 100. Your crane fleet is important to AXIS.

Mobile Crane

Lattice Boom Crane


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