Networking – Come on get out there.

On a day like this where the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and I have the opportunity to get out of my very air conditioned office, I am going to take it.   Today was the CSAM Annual BBQ.  750 Winnipeggers came out to enjoy BBQ and ice cream, but more importantly, they came out to support Safety on Manitoba job sites and to meet other people in the industry.

I have the privilege of being a part of the Canadian Welding association and have the opportunity to share with students each year about the Welding industry.  During our annual student night I stress the importance of getting out to events, but not to just go, to talk to people to have a conversation with someone. Winnipeg is a small place, and the construction and fabrication world is even smaller.  You never know who you may meet.

Life is busy, and there is always so much work to get done, but I always encourage those, especially those new in the industry, to get out there.  Join an association, go to a BBQ, put together a group for a golf tournament. Enjoy some relaxing time, but use every opportunity to talk to someone new, reconnect with an old colleague.  Social media, texting and emails are making it so easy to not have face time with real people. But business relationships are still made face to face.  Get out there and enjoy the weather! (and meet a few people!)   I hope to see you at the next CSAM BBQ or CWA golf tournament. (a little secret for you, I don’t really like meat on a bun or golfing, but I will be there, and would love to say hello!)

Have a great, and safe summer.

Bonnie Pankratz – Owner, General Manager of AXIS Inspection Group Ltd