New Employee Safety

Here at AXIS we talk a lot about Safety.  Much of our work is results directly from requirements of Manitoba’s Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.  Though I don’t claim to be perfect, we strive to provide a “safe” workplace to each person here.

Safety Companies

Our new employee orientation is produced by 1lifesafety and includes employee rights, responsibilities and accountability, the benefits of a safety management system, how to report concerns and the right to refuse dangerous work, the importance of reporting hazards, near misses and incidents.  Additionally the program instructs on the purpose and function of your Workplace safety & health committee, requirements for personal protective equipment, requirements for working with hazardous materials, basic emergency procedures. Finally training requirements for safe work procedures and basic safety rules are covered.

The above paragraph is a lot of information, but the reason I included it, is that I want each potential employee at AXIS to know that they are important.  That  here at AXIS we value them and what to ensure their safety. We want people who love what they do and feel safe and confident doing what they do each day.

Work where you are valued

If you want to work at a company where your safety is valued, your input is appreciated, consider us.  We are currently expanding our Welder Test Centre and Inspection and Testing departments. Additionally we are looking for a part time customer service assistant.

If any of these positions sound like a good fit for you, get in touch with me, I would be pleased to send you a job description.

Til next week,

Bonnie Pankratz