Quality Administration:

A team of our Quality Specialists work with our customers’ project engineering staff to develop a Project Quality Plan (PQP). The PQP defines all quality requirements for the project, including vendor qualification procedures, vendor audits, applicable material and equipment specs, vendor quality plan requirements, vendor surveillance and onsite inspection coverage. We provide project administration and coordinate quality functions, reporting directly to the customer’s project management staff.

Quality Assurance

Quality Surveillance

Vendor Surveillance:

Certified inspection personnel verify that selected vendors properly implement customer specifications and procedures during the manufacture, inspection and testing of engineered materials and equipment. Onsite surveillance is also performed during the construction phase of engineered projects.

Quality Survellience

Vendor Surveillance


AXIS Expeditors provide our customers with timely and accurate reports concerning vendor adherence to manufacturing and delivery schedules. Their responsibility is to prevent costly delays in project schedules due to a lack of vendor diligence.

Quality Assurance

On Time Delivery