Positive Material Identification

As I sit here, I am overhearing the training going on in the next room on our New PMI unit.  The technical name for this device is a  “Thermo Scientific Niton Alloy Analyzer” which is super cool. As we test the alloy conent of my rings, som random rocks around the office, from various mines and other items.

The main use for this equipment is to know the chemical analysis of pipe, structural steel, alloys etc , a column or a piece of equipment.  Ensuring that the make up of the metal is what you think it is, or finding out what the make up is, without cutting up the material and sending it to a lab.

The analyzer is a relatively small device that has a radioactive tube (x-ray) that measures the chemical content of the alloy.   The limitations of the device is it does not measure the amount of carbon, but it DOES a CARBON EQUIVANCY conversion.  And is a great non-destructive option.

If you have any questions, or require any testing, please contact the office!