Positive Material Identification – A solution

Positive Material Identification.  This is a hot buzz word right now in the industry due to many factors.  Much more material is being sourced from off- shore resources, paperwork is obviously not original to the product that it is representing, and the concern of quality and safety is being questioned.

The equipment that we have recently purchased allows us to positively identify different types of material. The very exciting advantages to our equipment, that is unique to the equipment we purchased is the ability to test for the lighter elements, including, sulphur, aluminum and Manganese.  These elements have only recently been able to be identified. Our “gun”  also measures the carbon equivalent in material. These are all very important factors to the weldability of material.

I can imagine that you are asking yourself, what in the world would we use this for?  I am glad you asked:  trained, CGSB certified XRF technicians are able to come to site, and in a very short period of time, test any metal that you are uncertain of the chemical composition. And provide a report.  Do you have a stack of material that you can’t find MTR’s for, and are now scrap? Contact us, and we can test and generate a PMI report.  Do you have a weld zone that you need to confirm, we have the “small spot” analyzer that allows us to test only the welded area of the component.

Additionally if you are doing repairs to an existing building or component and have no idea of the chemical composition for weldability, we can come to site, test your required locations and provide an accurate report for your Welding engineers to feel confident in their weld procedure development.

We are excited to be offering the top of the line testing equipment for this, and will be happy to discuss how this equipment can work for you to save you money and time, and most of all uncertainty of the quality of your material.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.


Bonnie Pankratz