Providing Industrial Solutions

There are a lot of things about AXIS that I am proud of, but what I believe makes AXIS Inspection so special is our Team Members.  We have team members who are experts in Welding Consulting, Corrosion and Coatings, NDT , Pressure Vessels, API and ASME projects.

If you have been familiar with AXIS since we started in 2004, you will know we have grown, we have changed, and sometimes change is really hard.  I know it is for me.  Sometimes the changes are intentional, and sometimes they happen from other circumstances.

Change can be painful, and hard. Sometimes we don’t like it and we quit, other times we preserver and see the growth and improvements that come out of the hard times.

ISO 9001:2015 AGM

Yesterday was our Annual General Meeting, as part of our ISO 9001:2015 Requirements, and because I think they are incredibly important. Our management team spent all day together in the boardroom discussing challenging things. There were times we disagreed and conversations were heated, and as I sat and watched, what I realized is these people care about this company, they care about our clients and they care about being an Industrial Solutions Provider.  If they didn’t care, the conversation would not have become heated.  I realized then, that all the challenges and changes over the past few years, were worth it.  We have developed a team willing to be vulnerable, to be daring, and to invest themselves in this company.

We started the day with a quote from my favorite philosopher, Albert Einstein.


Finding Solutions is about understanding the problem.

As I planned our meeting, I wanted to ensure that we had time to understand each other, to listen to the problems, before we started on the solutions.  I believe in this team.  I believe that each of these team members are committed to AXIS and to our clients. They are committed to our new Slogan:

AXIS Inspection Group: Providing Industrial Solutions


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