Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems are in no way a new thing, or anything new to our business.  The unique thing to our business is that we maintain and manage three (3) quality management systems, which include four (4) external audits per year.  Some days this seems excessive and overwhelming and I am constantly juggling how to maintain these three different programs.

I recently realized that although we are audited for 4 separate quality programs, I have recently realized that these programs actually all work together.   – This may not be a big deal to you, as you say “duh”, but it was like a light went on for me.  The past three years as we have worked to set up, ISO 9001:2008, COR, as well as our CSA W178.1 Inspection Organization and CWB accredited weld test centre audits.  I have struggled with how to keep everything separate, maintaining up to three copies of the same documents, until this week.  I realized that Quality Management is an umbrella not separate compartments, why am I trying to separate quality, when it obviously flows through our entire company.

Now looking at the big picture, I feel way less overwhelmed and frustrated with the process.  AXIS is committed to providing the highest Quality of inspection services and I was letting our company get bogged down in the details and realized it is about everything we do, not about the binders we keep and the three copies of training documents that we have filed away.  (don’t tell the auditors I said that)

Our inspectors are committed to our clients as much as we as a company are.  We are committed to being there for our clients when they need us.  The Quality Systems that we put in place are to enhance our service, not to make more work. We want to ensure that we are being efficient and spending our energy of providing our clients with the best possible service, backed up by a GREAT quality management system.   We are committed to providing a safe and highly respected company.  We want to be your first and only call when you have any inspection or weld testing questions.

We look forward to working with you.