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Reusing Steel

Reusing and Recycling Steel

Steel can be easily reused and recycled. How can you recycle steel? Here are a few ways you can save some money and the environment!

  • Do you have a broken appliance or equipment. The parts from one appliance can be saved or sold for parts to fix another!  Alternatively, take your old appliance to a steel recycling depot and get paid to recycle.  Steel recycling facilities in Winnipeg include, Urban Mine, Rakowski’s recycling and many more.
  • Removing old pipes from the house?  Use these to make some great tables for a workshop! Or sell them to your local scrap yard and again you can be paid to recycle.

All metals can be recycled at your local scrap yard.  You will be paid the going rate for your scrap and know that it will be recycled into something useful again!


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