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Interior Design of Industrial Office Space

November 29, 2019


AXIS Inspection Group has recently consolidated the space to the main floor of a 4500 square foot (footprint) space.  Space is made up of three primary areas, including 1800 of shop space, which will not be included in the scope of work.  The 2 main office spaces are entered separately at the front and connected in the middle of the building.

Space is currently not being utilized effectively and modifications to usage are required.


Scope of Services

  • Review current layout (drawings are available)
  • Review current furniture and usage
  • Assess and inventory furniture and equipment available for continued use
  • Discuss required use of space with key stakeholders
  • Prepare layout drawings, minimizing physical layout changes.
  • Prepare furniture layout and list of required furniture


Anticipated Selection Schedule:

January 31, 2020

Work to commence immediately after.


Submission of Proposals

January 15, 2020


Elements of Proposal:

  • Review of current facilities completed
  • Schedule of work
  • Experience and 2-3 samples of previous work
  • The time required for discussion with stakeholders
  • Price


Evaluation Criteria

25% Previous work style

15% Schedule

10% previous experience

50% Price


Please submit the Proposal to:

AXIS Inspection Group Ltd

1239 Manahan Ave

Winnipeg, MB R3T5S8


Attention: Bonnie Pankratz

Email: bonnie@axisinspection.com


Please contact Bonnie to arrange a walkthrough and Drawing File.






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