Safety Inspection: Grinders

One of the most hazardous pieces of equipment we use is a grinder. We have had the most incidents with grinders, and it amazes me that people do not respect these pieces of equipment more!

The two biggest issues that we have had with a grinder is particles getting into an eye. (safety glasses and a face shield are no match for this bad boy) and people removing the shield.

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Safety First

Not only is a regular inspection of this equipment important, proper training and personal protective gear is PARAMOUNT! We have started using foam rimmed googles under the face shield after two eye incidents with the employee wearing safety glasses and a full face shield.

This isn’t so much an inspection, as a Safe Work Procedure for Grinder Use.

  • Wear hearing protection ,dust mask and face shield if required by the task
  • Wear CSA approved safety glasses and footwear
  • Wear gloves when handling sharp material
  • Ensure that the work area is free from obstacles
  • Check for obstructions in tool.
  • Ensure that the tool is operating properly
  • Always check the machine’s rated speed against the recommended maximum safe operating speed marked on the wheel or disc.
  • Check that the sanding disks and cut off wheels are in good working condition and are free from cracks or chips, and that the metal ring for the cut off discs are inserted properly.
  • Use the correct backing pads to support the disks
  • Large work pieces should be supported
  • Work pieces should be clamped down to the work bench
  • If the grinder comes equipped with a grounded power cord, ensure it is plugged into a grounded outlet
  • Ensure the cord will not become an obstacle and create a tripping hazard
  • Never place your hands or any part of your body within the point of operation
  • Remove any combustible material from the work area, as sparks generated from the grinder may cause a fire
  • Turn the grinder on
  • Hold the grinder firmly with both hands
  • Apply steady pressure on the grinder but do not overload it
  • Be aware of the task you are completing and the motions required to prevent jamming
  • Turn the grinder off and unplug it when finished the task
  • Remove off-cuts from the work area before leaving
  • Do not leave the grinder on while unattended


I would love to hear about how you are keeping safe at your work place!

This information is for reference only, and AXIS is not liable for the use of this information and any incident, death or injury occurring from the use of this information.


Bonnie Pankratz


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